Kodar dam

Shahid Vir Narayan Singh [Kodar Dam] Project

Tahsil - Mahasamund
Block - Mahasamund
Dam Site - Vide Topo sheet No. 64 K/4, Village - Kawajhar, 22 Km away from National HighWay No. 6

Head Work  
Name of River Kodar Nalla
Name of Basin Mahanadi - Godavari Basin
Average Rain-fall 1209.00mm
Catchment Area 317.17 Sq. Kms.
Year of Start (Execution of work) 1976-1977
Length of Earthen main dam 2363m
Maximum height of Earthen dam 23.32m
Top width of dam 4.577m
Length of waste weir 183m
Designed discharge 623m³m
Gross capacity of reservoir 160.32m³m
Live capacity of reservoir 149.02m³m
Dead storage 11.328m³m
Tank bund level 298.99m
Maximum water level 297.165m
Full Tank level 295.336m
Maximum draw down level 288.380m
Lowest sill level 275.750m
Submergence area at F.T.L 1388 Hectors
Submergence area at M.W.L 1639 Hectors
Canal System  
Length of Left bank Canal 24.65 Kms.
Designed discharge of L.B.C. 12.51 m³
Length of right bank canal 10.54Kms.
Designed discharge of R.B.C 6.65m³
Total length of distributaries and minors 377.60 Kms
Total No. of structures in canal system 627
Other Features  
No. of villages affected in submergence 16 villages [5 fully and 11 partially]
No of villages benefited 49 villages
Gross commanded area 24876 Hectors
Cultivatable commanded area 21740 Hectors
Area of Irrigation 23472Hectors [16754 Hectors for Kharif, 6718 Hectors for Rabi]
Date of completion June 1998